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Is there an extra fee if my event is outside the capital of Guatemala?

We cover the event without cost of transportation in the perimeter of the capital city and Antigua Guatemala; otherwise the client is responsible for the costs of transportation, food and lodging if necessary. For events abroad it is necessary to reserve at least 6 months in advance.

Do you accept payment with a debit or credit card?

We accept debit and credit cards. You can also make payments with credomatic installments 3, 6 and 10 without any surcharge.

What is the amount to make the reservation for my date?

If you are outside of Guatemala, the reservation must be made with full payment of 100% of the value of the package, if you are in Guatemala you can give a 50% advance.

How long does it take to receive my finished video package?

We have a delivery time of 2 months if your event was held in high season (February, March, October - December), otherwise 30 business days.

Payment and privacy policy

PAYMENTS AND REFUNDS: If due to any circumstance for the Client it is impossible to carry out the event, the Company does not undertake to return the payment, instead it undertakes to give an available date for any other event that the Client wants to carry out; The Client undertakes to notify in writing any change in the date, time and / or place of the event, otherwise the Company is not responsible for the absence or late arrival at the event.

The day of the event will work only with the equipment described in the service sheet, with the schedule described therein. (make request for overtime when filling out the service sheet).
The Company will store the material obtained in a Back Up for 5 years from its recording, however the edited project will be stored only for 1 week after delivery of the package to the client, (the Client will have the right to modify the edition of the project completed within that period of time, such modification will have no cost); If there is a second modification and / or a modification after the time stated, the Company will charge a surcharge of $ 150.00 for modifications in the edition.
The Company will have the copyright of the material obtained in the event, in the same way it will have the rights of Freedom of Exhibition for advertising purposes on social networks where the Company deems appropriate.

The Company undertakes to use the music of the client's preference, as long as the Client sends us their musical tastes in writing before the date of the event; otherwise, the Company will use the music it deems pertinent. The material will be delivered 30 business days after the date of the event. (If the Client is abroad, the Company will send the file through the Wetransfer platform.
The Company undertakes to: A) Have its staff (videographers and assistants) be 30 minutes before the time agreed in the service sheet. B) Bring your staff (videographers and assistants) with clothing that identifies them as belonging to the Company. C) Capture in the hours agreed in the contract everything that is considered of utmost importance for the Client. (If the client has special points in the event, they have to specify them in the service sheet so that the videographers take it into account). D) Capture the audio of the event as accurately as possible; placing an audio recorder near the venue's speakers if the speakers are in an accessible location. (The Company is not responsible if due to the following circumstances the audio of the event is not faithful. Electric storm, rain, lack of speakers in the event, crying of children, inaccessible speakers, if any of the people to interact in the event is hoarse or have throat problems). E) The Company does not hold the Client responsible for any mishap that the production team has at the event site.


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